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Talent & People


Regardless of your organizations size, location, or industry, your team has significant impact on all areas of your business.


Your team is  given the responsibility of supporting the business plan and delivering on the execution strategy.

Competency, filling gaps, addressing shortages, and using forward thinking methods to ensure your objectives can be met by the workforce you employ, are all important aspects of your strategy. 


Whether it's transformation and change to support your business goals, or retention and developing talent from within, look to The Classic BCG to bring the right experience to the table with it's seasoned team of consultants. 

Employee Relations & Engagement

Employee engagement directly affects your business outcomes and your bottom line as it relates directly to an employees dedication, committment, and amount of energy they bring to the organization. Harness the opportunity to implement a strategic HR plan that includes effectively onboarding individuals, enhancing your policies, optimizing compensation and benefits plans, and developing employee recognition programs. 

Talent Management

Labour shortages, skills shortages, an aging workforce, competition for top talent, and economic challenges are all present in today's markets. Take the step to evaluate whether you have the right people in place to do the job. You can develop your team from within, make structural changes by adding new team members, or make use of a unique solution like the temporary foreign worker program. 

Recruitment & Retention

Building an effective team of dedicated employees is critical to the success of your business. Employee retention and reduction of turnover is essential to running a smooth operation. Your organizations' productivity and profitability depend on being sound in these areas, and your reputation as an employer is essential to fielding a strong team. Benefit from learning new, innovative, and proven techniques to achieve excellence in this important business function.

Government Relations & Diversity Initiatives

Navigating Canadian public policy and government affairs requires experience, knowledge, and strong relationships with all levels of government. Providing you with advice and an actionable plan for short or long-term projects is the goal. Using tactics like working with under represented groups, or developing unique programs and diversity initiatives can prove to be excellent business building tools.

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