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Glen Mortimer
A Senior Executive with more than 30 years of general management experience, Glen has a proven track record of leadership with the ability to grow a business and expand to new markets increasing sales and profitability. He has extensive knowledge in all aspects of business development, operations, innovation, and leadership. Glen has brought improvements to large corporations and top franchised brands in the areas of operations, hospitality, growth, and strategic planning. Glen brings a wealth of experience, talent, and advice to your project.
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Our Team is Lead By:

Get the corporate experience for your business with the insight and know-how that The Classic BCG has to offer. We don't believe there is a 'one size fits all solution' for any business, and we'll take the time to understand your unique business challenges, and design an affordable solution to suit your needs. You'll receive expert advice, hands-on assistance, and in-depth coaching to enhance your business outcomes and ensure you achieve success. Have your business performance analyzed and identify trends in your business that you can act on to spark change and improvement.
Our broad network of dedicated professionals will bring specialized experience in areas such as human resources, marketing, government affairs, and development, to tackle your business challenges.  


Chris Thomas
Chris has fifteen years experience in the development and application of organizational effectiveness strategies, with particular focus on recruitment and retention programs. He has been recognized by industry and in the media as a specialist in the areas of recruitment, retention, temporary foreign workers, labour forecasting, and more. Chris has been invited to provide input to Governments both in Canada and abroad on a number of regulatory program and policy changes related to human capital. After conducting 10,000 interviews with candidates from over 120 countries, Chris is regarded as an expert in the field of multi-national and intercultural recruitment. Chris brings a unique background and proven experience to your business. 
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